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Where to Find a White Sandy Beach in Florida

Who says you have to go to the gulf to find white sandy beaches in Northwest Florida? Blackwater River and other area rivers have many white sandy beaches that are easy to access. One particular place we enjoyed recently was Blackwater River State Park. The state park is a beautiful park located along the cool flowing waters of the Blackwater River.  This river is enjoyed by many in tubes, kayaks and canoes. It’s also an enjoyable place for fishing or sunbathing on one of the sandy beaches.  So, if you are looking for an alternative beach, then check out Blackwater River State Park. Just see for yourself!

7720 Deaton Bridge Rd, Holt, FL 32564

People having fun at Blackwater
People enjoying the beach at Blackwater State Park
Swimming in Blackwater River
People swimming in Blackwater River
Blackwater State Park Beach Access
Blackwater State Park Beach Access
Boardwalk at Blackwater State Park
Boardwalk at Blackwater State Park
Blackwater State Park
Boardwalks lead to bathrooms and pavilions


  1. Thanks for the beautiful alternative to whining about the spill. We love the local rivers. We were on Navarre Beach Pier yesterday and it is still so pristine. Enjoy. d

  2. @Deborah, I don’t see anyone ‘whining’ about the oil spill. It is very disturbing what is happening not only to our beautiful Gulf of Mexico, but to marshlands, grasslands, ecosystems, species. This will eventually effect us all. And the effects will not stop if/when they stop the oil. It will continue on for generations…in ways that no one knows at this time.

    @Shawn, great post about the beauty that still surrounds us. It is encouraging.

  3. Great shots. We’re taking our kids next week so it’s nice to show them pictures of where we’re going.
    We’ve still got white beaches here in Destin too. That low in the Gulf moved everything away from us and we’re still looking good.

    • Thanks Sandcastle Momma! Blackwater River is really nice. Hope you guys enjoy your time. Glad to hear your beaches are looking nice.