Water Safety For Beaches, Rivers, and Pools

Summers along the Gulf Coast can get pretty hot. There’s nothing better than finding a wet place to play, but it’s important to learn a little about the area before you go. So, we put together some of your options for water adventures as well as some safety tips to think about or to talk about with your children. Have a great time keeping cool!

Home Pools

Since we live with bodies of water all around us and many of us have pools, we want to make sure our families aren’t afraid of water, but rather can comfortably and safely enjoy it. Spring is time to clean out that pool and get the family swimming. But, first it’s time to start learning or reviewing water safety.

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We love surfing and making sandcastles on the beach with the kids. I want my children to remember those great times at the beach and that means we need to go prepared.

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Warm days of playing in cool, freshwater rivers create many great family memories. There are many recreational activities to enjoy on rivers such as kayaking, canoeing, tubing, and even paddleboarding. Like with any water recreation, we should be play safe. Be familiar with types of wildlife. Know the river. Go prepared.

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