Walking for Family Wellness on the Milton Riverwalk

Riverwalk in Milton
Riverwalk in Milton

If you spend your work day at a desk as I do, it’s very important for your total wellness to get regular exercise. One way I get my exercise is by walking outdoors with my family. Taking walks is something our family does three or more times a week. The place we walk is always different. Sometimes, it’s just around the neighborhood. But, more importantly, the time we have is always worth any little effort or planning it may take.

War Memorial in Milton
War Memorial in Milton

One peaceful place we found for a leisurely walk is on the Milton Riverwalk. It has been a great place to walk and explore the surroundings with our kids. The kids love to feel the river water and look for fish as well as learn about the war memorial.  After walking, there are several benches and picnic tables facing the river. Who would not be able to rest next to bright flowers in the shade of trees facing such a view? After the refreshing exercise and a short peaceful rest on Milton’s beautifully maintained Riverwalk, we have walked a few more blocks away to enjoy a healthy lunch at Liberty Cafe. All that, and we’ve made quality time with our family.

As most of us know, walking is a great way to stay healthy. We’ve read articles or heard how much walking is good for our lungs, heart, bones and emotions, how walking can add years to our lifespan and how it can reduce childhood obesity. However, those are often not good enough reasons for us to make time to walk. What would motivate you to walk? Would you make time to walk if you knew it could be fun and relationships could be strengthened?

We can miss so much by sitting at home indoors. If you have kids, there are so many opportunities outdoors to let them point things out and ask you questions. The Milton Riverwalk is a great place to start.

Riverwalk Gazebo in Milton
Riverwalk's gazebo in Milton

There is something relaxing about getting out in the fresh air and walking. I go outside at work and walk when I feel stressed. Now with school back in session, I hope to make consistent time for walking with my family. Even children build up stress during the day and walking will help calm those nerves and improve moods which in turn will help improve their ability to learn. Making practical steps to love our family is what we call family wellness.


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