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Lindy on a WindSUP sail

Add A WindSUP Rig To Your Quiver

We’ve been using the AeroTech WindSUP for years for lessons and all-around windsurfing. It’s a perfect sail for anyone looking for something that’s quick to rig. This sail is perfect for summer sailing when the Seabreeze kicks in. The sail has vertical battens which makes it easy to roll up […]


Winter Outdoor Experiences

Outdoors and winter are a great combination. Fresh air and cool water bring a new outlook to exploring along the coast. Winter isn’t a time just to sit inside and wait for spring; it’s a time to go explore new places and reflect on goals for the coming year.

Windsurfing in Pensacola

Windsurfing in the Pensacola Bay Area

Pensacola Beach was once home to a large windsurfing community and home to a couple windsurfing shops. One of those shops was called Surf-n-Sail. The shop was located close to where Red Fish Blue Fish is today. It was a great local hangout and home to local and national windsurfing regattas. It […]