Surfing Photos at Fort Pickens Point

The surf was up the day before tropical storm Ida. The point at Fort Pickens is a surfer haven when the surf is large. When everywhere else is too blown out, the point offers some clean surf on an east swell.

My family and I camped at Fort Pickens that weekend. We brought the bikes but not the boards. So, on Sunday after us campers were told to evacuate, we loaded up our stuff and got to take up surfing- not on water but through the camera lens. Here is a collection of surfing photos taken by my wife and I.

Surfing photo 1

Surfer on beach











  1. Good pics. Would like to go there in the spring.

  2. Hey Shawn,
    Thanks for the pictures! Do you know how the road to Fort Pickens faired from Ida?

  3. Nice photos, Shawn. What a beautiful creation we have to enjoy- thanks for getting my mind outdoors, and encouraging me to have my feet follow more often.

  4. Thanks for the pics,brings back some wonderful memories. Need to go slide down to the point very soon!

  5. I used to surf this place a ton when I was a kid…It would fire at around chest to head best left hand barrels I have ever caught here on the gulf. That was in the early 90’s though….