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Skydiving on the Gulf Coast

Have you been thinking about trying something new this year? Why not try skydiving with the professionals at Emerald Coast Skydiving Center in Elberta, Alabama near Foley? It’s Alabama’s premier drop zone and it is the only place you can jump the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast year round.

Take a tandem jump over the drop zone or over the beautiful beach. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s a sandy landing!

If you decide to continue your training, they will help you all the way to earn your expert license.

They even have camera flyers. So, you get your picture taken on the way down.

Check out these fun photos by first time skydivers!

Reserve your spot now.

Emerald Coast Skydiving Center
website: emeraldskydive.com
16646 County Road 95
Elberta, AL 36530-3112
(251) 986-5618
Open Wed-Fri 9am-5pm; Weekends 9am-6pm


  1. When are you going up Shawn?