Exocet WindSUP AST 175


  • SUP and Windsurf board for learning to ride waves
  • Perfect for SUP cruising and Freeride windsurfing
  • Ideal foiling windsurf platform (foiling Tuttle box on 10’ models)
  • Great for learning Windsurf, Foil, and SUP
  • Ideal for any size rider
  • Rail and deck plan optimized for Windsurf & SUP
  • Carry handle
  • Leash plug
  • 3/4 deck pad
  • 4 footsraps with multiple positions
  • Bi-axial Carbon 160gr on PVC 100/kg/m³
  • Bamboo construction on fiberglass and combination matt • ASA Construction on fiberglass and combination matt
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The ideal board on which to learn to windsurf, foil, or SUP. The Exocet trademark step tail is integrated into the swallow tail. This feature allows the board to take off and turn perfectly in SUP mode while still giving you the choice of windsurfing mode. The dagger option will give plenty of choices in any wind conditions. There are several inserts on the nose deck in order to attach a net for gear or life jacket storage. The 10’ models have Deep Tuttle fin boxes reinforced for foiling, making this a great board for learning to foil.