Plein Air Painters of Pensacola

There are many different ways to experience the outdoors. You don’t have to do rigorous hikes through the unknown or primitive camp to enjoy time in nature. What if you are an artist? How could you combine art and the outdoors? How about by trying plein air painting?

Plein air is a french term which means “in the open air”. Plein air painting is done outdoors and on location in front of the subject. It is completed while experiencing the landscape firsthand while minor adjustments can be made at home.

According to the Plein Air Painters of Pensacola, the perception of the plein air subject is dependent on the conditions encountered while on site and the artist’s response to these is usually evident in the finished painting. Plein air paintings that follow this standard tend to have a quality that reflects the immediacy of the artist’s interaction with the subject. Many different styles and mediums are used “to contribute to the unique expression of each artist while painting en plein air.”

Jill Berry- www.jillberryartist.com

One of the members of the Plein Air Painters of Pensacola, Jill Berry, has a beautiful loose, impressionistic style of oil painting which has won her several awards.  She also has work included in “A Painter’s Paradise,” a book by Eastern Shore Art Center. One of the group members you may be familiar with, Nina Fritz, works in watercolor and oil. She owns two galleries on the Florida Gulf Coast; one in the community of Seaside, the other on Pensacola Beach. Nina Fritz was commissioned by Paramount Pictures to create paintings for the “The Truman Show,” which included scenes at Seaside, Florida. I particularly love her unique watercolor portraits.

With the weather warming up, why not try taking your art out under some blue skies and Florida sun. It doesn’t matter what medium you use or what level of artist you are. Anyone is welcome to join the Plein Air Painters of Pensacola. Not available when they meet on Friday mornings? Take your supplies outside on the weekends to any of the great places the gulf coast has to offer!

Veda Hammen-over 20 years experience as an artist and art instructor

Kay Packwood's work- group email coordinator and long time artist


  1. Thanks so much for this post. I was aware of painter in the Walton county area. Can you link me to a site with more info on contacts and info about the Friday morning meet ups? Lindy do you join them to paint? thnks, deb

  2. You’re welcome, Deb! I am new to the group as of last week and love it. You can go to http://www.pleinairpensacola.org for more info on the Pensacola group.

  3. Hey girl,
    Sounds like you’re keeping busy out there with the camping & the kids. That’s a cute pic of you painting at the beach. Did you get a new easel?
    Maybe I’ll see ya this wk out my way at the Marina~?
    I’ve been slack with a comment on your ~great article~ about the group!
    I sure appreciate the mention!

    • Thanks, Jill! Yes, I’m loving my time with the kids. The easel in the pic is my aluminum studio easel, but I get a new one for plein air this month! Hope to see you tomorrow!

  4. thanks for the nice write-up. we enjoy our friday plein air painting. hope you enjoyed your tour.