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Paddleboarding on Pensacola Beach

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Paddleboarding on Pensacola BeachAre you looking to rent paddleboards on Pensacola Beach? Outdoor Gulf Coast now offers paddleboard rentals and delivery for the Pensacola Bay Area.

Lindy and I started paddleboarding years ago with with John Griffin and got hooked. If you are looking for some great, clean fun you should try this.

The first day we went was a beautiful day to get out and try paddleboarding. We met up with John at Peg Legs on Pensacola Beach. John unloaded the boards and gave us a short intro to paddleboarding. He then put his board in and paddled around a bit. Following John getting in, Lindy gave her shot and quickly paddled out with no problem. Then, it was my turn to launch off. We paddled down the canal taking in the surroundings and getting used to balancing and paddling.

The boards are around 12 – 14 foot long and relatively stable when standing on them. They weren’t too difficult and yes you get your exercise while having fun. It felt great on our shoulders and core muscles.

Okay, so I have to admit… I’m (Shawn) the only one who fell in. Not sure what happened, but in I went. Good thing I decided to leave the camera behind.

Come out and join us!

Lindy paddleboarding
Lindy paddleboarding
Shawn Paddleboarding
Shawn paddleboarding
John giving paddleboard instructions
John giving paddleboarding instructions
Lindy & I paddleboarding
Lindy & I paddleboarding


  1. I’m glad to see that ya’ll are out in the open water. I was thinking about getting one to paddle around the mangroves in South Florida.

  2. We saw a ton of these in Hawaii on a recent vacation. Didn’t think it looked as easy as you make it sound. Maybe I should have given it a go! 🙂

    • Hi Debi, paddleboarding in Hawaii would have been cool. It was pretty easy…. but we also surf so I’m not sure if we would be the best to ask:).