Add Paddleboarding Into Your Adventure- You Only Live Once

Kids with Kevin of Coastal Paddle Co
Kids with Kevin of Coastal Paddle Co.

Every few years or so, a new sport or exercise becomes the next best thing. There was windsurfing and now it’s kitesurfing for an extreme, outdoor water sport. We have Jazzercise and now Zumba for indoor dance workouts. Five years ago, it was a kayak that we had to have for experiencing a sense of adventure on the open waters. Today, it’s a paddleboard. So, what makes a paddleboard a worthy addition to our water toys or workouts?

Since trying various types of paddleboards and comparing the feel of paddleboarding to that of the kayaking I’ve been doing, there is no question to which gives a better workout. Stand up paddleboards (SUPs) work the whole body. While kayaking can be a relaxing, comfortable water activity, it just doesn’t work your abdominals or lower body much. Also, if you experience lower back pain when sitting, a paddleboard will feel a lot more comfortable.

There is a new paddleboard store in Gulf Breeze, Coastal Paddle Company, that is selling YOLO brand paddleboards. YOLOs were created in the Seaside area of Florida and are becoming popular nationwide. There is a YOLO board for people of all sizes and skill levels which makes paddleboarding a great way for everyone to add water adventure and fun exercise into their lives.

If you are already getting tired of your new workout program, then throw in some paddleboarding. Head over to Coastal Paddle Company for help with choosing the right one for you. They start as low as $875. If you’re not ready to purchase one, ask about rentals. In just a few more months, you can also join Fitness Onboard for paddleboarding yoga and bootcamp classes.

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