Paddleboard Rentals

Lindy on paddleboard

Rent a paddleboard from Outdoor Gulf Coast and enjoy an unforgettable adventure exploring the Pensacola Bay area. Discover the scenic beauty of this coastal paradise with our convenient paddleboard and kayak rentals.

As a bonus, we provide free delivery service to Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze, Milton, and the surrounding areas.

To set up a rental, text or call 850-466-8477.

Paddleboard Rental Pricing

Rental Rates1 hours*4 hoursFull day2 day3 day4 day5 day

*Call or text to inquire about 1-hour rentals.

Where To Kayak & Paddleboard?

Our staff at Outdoor Gulf Coast are experts in the surrounding areas and can offer suggestions of places to kayak and paddleboard. We’ve provided a few of those locations here.

kayak rentals and ecotours in pensacola

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