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Paddleboard Fly Fishing on Perdido River

Fly fishing and stand up paddleboarding are the perfect mixture for a fun, fishing adventure. Recently, our friend, John, called us up to see if we’d be interested in getting fly fishing lessons and then going out on a stand up paddleboard, also known as a SUP. We’ve been on SUP boards many times. This sounded interesting. So, we gave it a shot.

We met John at Ruby’s Fish Camp which happens to be a great place on Perdido River to launch kayaks and SUP boards.  On a grassy lawn next to the river, John gave us fly fishing lessons. After getting a feel for casting a fly rod on land, we ventured out on the river.

The fish camp is located on an area of Perdido River where the currents aren’t as strong. Further up the river there is a nice current which would make it a bit more challenging to learn to fly fish. Once on the river, we paddled to a nice inlet. There we found the place where John would have us give a shot at fly fishing.

I wish we could say we caught the big one, but we didn’t. We did however catch a great time. If you are interested in learning to fly fish or go on a SUP boarding adventure, John Griffin offers a variety of packages. To book a session or to get more information simply click the learn more button and we’ll get you in touch.

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Photos from our fly fishing SUP trip


  1. Shawn you Lindsy and the kids come join me for a Perdido River Tour ! There’s multiple white sand bars, two rope swings and waterfall run offs with a third world mother nature experience.

    John Griffin Smart Choices