Sunset at Deadman's Island
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Paddle Deadman’s Island in Gulf Breeze

Deadman’s Island, located in Gulf Breeze, is the perfect choice for a kayak destination. This small island is only accessible by boat, making it the perfect spot to enjoy white sandy beaches, calm water, snorkeling, fishing and paddleboarding or kayaking.

Outdoor Gulf Coast Kayaks and Paddle Boards

Visitors to Deadman’s Island can enjoy many coastal birds, crabs, fish and visiting dolphins. There are also a few man-made oyster reefs off of the island. This attracts fish and is also a nice place to snorkel and enjoy sea life.

How To Access Deadman’s Island

Deadman’s Island is only accessible by boat. We offer half, full or multi day kayak and paddleboard rentals for Deadman’s Island excursions. The island can be accessed from the following launch areas:

Deadman’s Island in Gulf Breeze. Deadman’s Island is a small island located in Gulf Breeze. The island is only accessible by boat and is a perfect place to enjoy white sandy beaches, calm water, snorkeling, fishing and paddleboarding or kayaking.

Deadman's Island

Photos of Deadman’s Island

Outdoor Gulf Coast Kayaks and Paddle Boards


View of oaks and water

Dune view
View from the dunes
Our Family with Paddleboards on Deadman's Island
Our family with paddleboards on Deadman’s Island
Beach View
Beach view with boards
Dolphin just off Deadman's Island
Dolphin just off Deadman’s Island


  1. Such a wonderful, untapped resource. You can also get permission to camp @ Dead Man’s. It’s not a huge camping area, but plenty for a family and the lights along Pensacola Bay are gorgeous at night!

    • Hey Wes, it is a wonderful resource. Thanks for the info about camping. That would be a beautiful place to camp.

  2. please send me info as to volunteer for helping with preserving and growing the area.
    interested in camping also!!!!
    thanks matt

    ps: i have my own kayak

    • @Matt Contact Heather for volunteer information. Here is her contact information.

      Heather Reed
      Project Manager
      The City of Gulf Breeze Deadman’s Island Restoration Project
      Ecological Consulting Services Inc
      38 S Blue Angel Parkway #346
      Pensacola FL 32506
      850-346-2073 (cell preferred)

  3. Wow, never knew this place was here and so close. Who do you ask, or Where do you look to gain Permission to camp here?

    P.s Great post 🙂