Outdoor Challenge


Are you up for a challenge? We hope so. We’ve got a fun one for you with some nice prizes!

How to play

contest-prizes20 possible points to earn. Send all your answers at one time along with photos to outdoorchallenge [at] outdoorgulfcoast.com.

1. Go to our camping section. What park has an excellent place for beginner divers and snorkelers?  This area is referred to as the kiddy pool. Answer the question: 5 pts.

2. Search Outdoor Gulf Coast for a location you haven’t been within the last year. Tell us one. 2 pts.

3. For 5 additional points, go to the location and take a photo of the location or yourselves and submit your photo to be added to the winners’ article.

4. Name two places listed on our hiking page that you have recently visited or would like to visit. 3 pts.

5. Tell us your favorite outdoor activity (gardening, hiking, surfing. . .)? Try one new outdoor activity and let us know what you did and where you went. Send us a photo. 5 pts.

Sound easy enough? You have until March 28th at 7:00 p.m. to complete. Get ready and go!


First five people to respond with the most points will be our winners.


First Place: 8×10 nature photo print, Outdoor Gulf Coast t-shirt,  and decal.

Second Place: 5×7 nature photo notecard, Outdoor Gulf Coast t-shirt, and decal.

Third Place: Outdoor Gulf Coast t-shirt and decal.

Fourth & Fifth Place: 5×7 nature photo notecard and decal.

If you didn’t make the top five, don’t worry. There will be more opportunities to win.


*This challenge should be fun and any of our great Facebook fans can participate. If you’re not a fan yet and would like to participate, feel free to “like” our page now and get started. Thanks!*



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