Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center

green sea turtle noaa
Green Sea Turtle

Come share in the vision of The Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center! This center is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit inspired by the director of the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station and has long-time sea turtle supporter, Cathy Holmes, as its project director. The team works to promote understanding and conservation of Florida’s coastal marine sea turtles and resources through research and education, so that individuals will be empowered to act locally and globally to protect them.

Although the project is not yet complete, they are working hard to become a showcase for conservation and education for Navarre Beach, foster special and unique relationships between visitors, residents, and leaders of Santa Rosa County, and educate students, individuals and leaders of our community about the importance of sea turtle conservation and local/global marine ecosystems.

Where’s it located? They were given the vacant guard house at the entrance into the state park. It’s between the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station and the state park.

What’s complete? They have the Seamore Store, a unique gift store selling turtle items, and all proceeds go to further the project. Beautiful wall murals and interpretive displays have been created by students and staff. It’s open a few hours a week to the public. Stop by while on the beach or you may contact them for hours.

Planned Facilities:

A large turtle pool/habitat building will be added for non-releasable sea turtles as well as stadium seating for viewing and education.

They also plan to expand on the interpretive center displays and materials and creative a hands-on interactive playground area for children.


Green turtle photo courtesy of NOAA. Hatchling photo taken by NBSTCC volunteer.

How Can I Help? Contact the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center for more information, to volunteer, or to make a donation!

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