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Navarre Beach Marine Science Station

The other day I was talking to Shawn about some of the exciting things we have going on in Navarre. One of the things I was bending his ear about was our great Navarre Beach Science Station. The science station is a former ranger residence on Navarre Beach that was given to the Santa Rosa school board for dual enrollment marine science classes. The Science Station is located on Santa Rosa Island, one of Florida’s barrier islands, midway between the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound.

The Station is more than just a classroom, it’s also a center for hands on marine environmental education. The students that take classes there don’t only learn, they also teach. High school students teach younger students about the Gulf of Mexico in action packed, standards-driven two hour festivals to include learning stations focused on fishing limits, marine debris, casting skills, and various topics of study.   A major goal of the project is to provide meaningful outdoor experiences for all students.

In the spring and summer there are many opportunities for children from all over to go to:

Summer day camps, camp sessions emphasize marine science and coastal ecology while nurturing the curiosity and stewardship potential in each child. They offer informal, field oriented, memorable camp experiences that balance detailed study with exploration. Using elements of environmental and experiential education as well as creative arts, each session is tailored to meet the learning stages and styles of kids’ grades 3-5 and 6-8.

Saturday by the Sea programs, which use hands-on activities, stories, songs, crafts, and live animal encounters to introduce them to the Gulf of Mexico. With a four hour program packed full of activities including kayaking and field studies.

Creep into the Deep Overnight Sleep Overs- 2 sessions for boys and 2 for girls in April and May. Want to know why the ocean glows at night? Grab your sleeping bags and experience a true nocturnal adventure! Explore the station as you’ve never seen it before – in the dark by flashlight. We will begin our evening with a twilight plankton tow using our kayaks.  An evening exploring the outdoors and hands-on labs await you!

I have volunteered, mostly with the kayaking portions, at the Station since before it’s inception and I have to say this is great environmental education made fun. The students and participants are enthusiastic and thrilled to be there.

All the details and charges for programs are available at

http://www.navarresciencestation.org/ Do you and your children a favor and check out their website and keep your eyes open for their Open House this year, big fun!

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