Navarre Beach Florida Marine Artificial Reef

Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary
Ever wished for great local snorkeling and diving spots that are close to shore? If yes, then perhaps you would like to support the Navarre Beach, Florida marine sanctuary that is already planned and has permits in place. It will consist of three components: a Gulf Side Snorkeling/Diving Reef, a Sound Side Snorkeling Reef and a Gulf Side Observation Pier. The best part of the project for me is that we won’t have to take a long boat ride out to them. Most parts should be within swimming distance. That means this will be something my family can experience together.

I believe creating these new ecosystems will improve water quality and aid in tourism, but it will also create more outdoor opportunities for families to spend time together. It will make a fun time of learning about the many species that live right in our Gulf- not just our aquariums.

Run for the reef
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The total cost of the project is approximately $300,000. A grant has been submitted by Impact 100 Pensacola and $8,100 was made through the Run for the Reef 5k and Kids 1 mile Fun Run.

If you are excited about this project too, please consider a secure online and tax deductible donation to the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

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