View of bay

Naval Live Oaks Bike Trails

View of bay

We recently had the opportunity to experience the off-road trails in the Naval Live Oaks with the crew at the Pensacola Trek Store. What we discovered was a fun off road mountain biking destination. On the trails, you’ll enjoy biking through palmetto prairies, under the canopy of live oaks and experience breathtaking views of Escambia Bay.

There are over 10 miles of trails with different surface areas from hard packed to sand, which can be a bit challenging.


How to access the trails

Over 10 miles of hiking and biking trails. Located on the north side of Highway 98.

To access the trails visit the Naval Live Oaks park located in Gulf Breeze, Florida. There is a park entrance on the North side of Highway 98. About 1/2 mile in there is a parking lot on the right side.

Live Oak Trail

Live Oaks

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