Morning Adventure at Pensacola Beach

Have you ever found yourself desiring to do something. Then, instead, you talk yourself out of it. You’ve made plans, but start thinking maybe you don’t have enough time or it is too cold. The worries of the moment begin to erode the idea away and soon you decide not to go. I think this happens to the best of us. I believe many of us don’t go on great adventures because we allow the present pressures to talk us out of our dreams and desires.

Today my wife and I headed out to the beach to take photos and paint. It was windy, cloudy, and not what I would call a perfect beach day. It would have been easy to talk myself out of going. Besides, there were other things we could have been taking care of. On top of that, I had been feeling a bit down. Yet, as we drove, I decided to enjoy the time and just go and see what we might find.

I’m thankful I didn’t talk myself out of going. We first went to Fort Pickens and explored through trails on tops of dunes near the lookout tower. When a little bit of cold and hunger talked us into finding something to eat, we came to a place we’d never been before called the Native Cafe. This cafe has good food and coffee as well as a nice atmosphere with beach paintings and photos from local artists-the perfect spot for inspiration before heading out to the Sugar Bowl to create some art ourselves.

We parked our Jeep in one of the public parking lots between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach. We grabbed the camera, tripod, and art supplies and walked towards Santa Rosa Sound. There along Santa Rosa Sound are some beautiful picturesque dunes. Lindy set up to paint and I explored the dunes taking photos.

The day turned out to be beautiful. The clouds began to break up and it was warm in the protection of the dunes.

When I reflect upon the day, I think how easy it could have been to talk myself out of going. Sure the day may have gone fine but we would have missed the best. Sometimes we need to take those steps in life… in this case to Go Explore!

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