Paddling Pond Creek and Blackwater River
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A Complete Guide to Kayaking in Pensacola

Pensacola is home to bays, bayous, and rivers, creating the perfect kayaking paradise. So, where are the best places to kayak in Pensacola? 

We have compiled a list of places you can launch your kayak. Use this page to discover kayak launches, view maps, and learn more about kayaking in Pensacola.

What If I Don’t Have a Kayak?

If you don’t have a kayak, there are many places to rent kayaks, and Outdoor Gulf Coast is one of those locations. See a place you want to kayak? Let us know, and we can deliver a kayak to you!

Are you ready to explore the rivers and bayous and Bays in Pensacola? Start exploring now!

Looking for kayak rentals? View our prices and packages.

Where to Kayak in Perdido Key

Southwest Pensacola and Perdido Key has many nice areas to kayak. From Big Lagoon to the Perdido River there are many diverse ecosystems to explore.

Where to Kayak in Northwest Pensacola

Where to Kayaking in Northeast Pensacola

Where to Kayak in South Pensacola

Where to Kayak in Gulf Breeze

Where to Kayak in Milton and Bagdad

Blackwater River Kayak Launch

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Other River Maps

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  1. Great article. There is an abundance of rivers in the panhandle and all of northwest florida. The awesome beaches here often seem to override the natural beauty just north of the coast. Definitely worth the effort to venture north and enjoy..