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Juggling: Exercise for your brain and body

Heather Wolf of JuggleFit with students on Pensacola Beach

Juggling is not just a clown trick or a way to explain life management; it’s a way to get exercise while increasing your brain function. Juggling is an activity that works both your mind and body. And, it’s an activity that you can do anywhere.

Juggling improves focus and concentration levels because it requires focused hand and eye movements. And, it burns calories! You can burn close to 300 calories an hour with light scarves and balls. Juggling is a great activity that works your shoulders, arms, upper back and abdominal muscles. If you want to burn more calories, you can integrate juggling with other activities like jumping jacks and stomach crunches.

Heather Wolf and student with juggling clubs

Kids can juggle with their parents and have fun without feeling like they’re exercising and getting smarter. Also, it’s a very portable activity that can be done indoors on your break at the office or outdoors on an adventure. Juggling scarves and balls are light and small which makes them easy to pack for a camping trip or for a day on the beach.

Ever'man JuggleFit workshop

Learn this fun exercise from local fitness trainer, Heather Wolf of JuggleFit. My kids and I stopped into one of her workshops at Ever’man Natural Foods and had a great time. She taught many of us, including children, how to juggle in less than 10 minutes. Heather sells DVDs and equipment if you would like to learn from her at home or you can learn at one of her workshops. Classes, workshops and motivational seminars are offered on-site at your location, customized to fit the needs of your organization or event.


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