Hiking Photos of Sweetwater Trail

Deer at Krul Lake
Deer at Krul Lake

It’s beautiful this time of year in Northwest Florida for enjoying the many great trails the area has to offer. Recently, we went to Krul Lake and took a family hike on part of the Sweetwater trail. The first half mile of Sweetwater Trail is a handicapped accessible boardwalk that winds through magnolia, oaks, and pine trees. The trail follows alongside the Sweetwater River and has many outlooks for sitting back and enjoying the sound of flowing water. The trail also has a fun suspension bridge over the Sweetwater River. And, the trail also has a gristmill located near the trail entrance.

We had a really nice time getting outside and enjoying nature. On the hike our kids had a lot of fun climbing trees and exploring the river banks. My wife and I enjoyed the fresh air while getting exercise and taking photos of of the surrounding beauty.

If you are interested in hiking on Sweetwater Trail the trail-head is off the parking area at Krul Lake Recreation Area.

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