Hiking Garcon Point Trail

Sunday afternoon, we bundled up and headed out to take a hike. It’s been a very cold couple of weeks, so it’s been more difficult to  get out of the heated house. Getting out turned out to be a great way to spend the afternoon although we did get our feet a bit wet. . . okay, more like soaked!

My wife and I only had an hour, so we went to a nearby trail in Milton called Garcon Point Trail. Garcon Point Trail has a 1.7 mile loop and a 1.2 mile spur off that trail. We hiked the 1.2 mile spur then walked back another 1.5 along the  along Garcon Point Road.

The first mile was nice and dry. We saw a few different species of birds and then some human species. As we got to the loop, we started to hit some wet spots. This is where we met a dad who had taken some time to go for a hike with his two kids. They were turning around at this point. However, we kept going on across wet areas. Many of the wet areas had boards you could cross. Yet, toward the end of our hike we got to jump through some ankle deep water. Fortunately, this time a year we didn’t have to worry much about snakes. Another plus about hiking this time of year is that the bugs aren’t a problem. During the summer months, mosquitoes and ticks can be a bit of a problem on this trail, so you’ll need protection.

This hike turned out to make a fun, refreshing afternoon. Though the air temperature wasn’t far from freezing, we dressed properly. By the end of the hike, I was even feeling hot. Garcon Point Trail turned out to be a great pick for a Sunday afternoon hike. It was a great way to get refreshed for the week ahead through some good outdoor exercise.

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  1. About to go and do some day hiking in Polk County, Florida. Thanks for the encouragement I needed.