Geocaching in the Pensacola Bay Area

Our daughter using an iPhone to located a geocacheAre you looking for a family-fun activity to do in the Pensacola Bay Area? How about taking your family Geocaching? In the Pensacola Bay Area Visit Pensacola, University of West Florida and Escambia County have created some fun educational GeoTours. These GeoTours will take you on an educational adventure around our community.

What is Geocaching

Geocaching is an exciting outdoor activity played using a smartphone GPS app or GPS devise to locate hidden containers. These containers are called caches or geocaches. The caches can be located all over the world. A GeoTour is a collection of geocaches to create a fun tour of caches. Finding geocaches are like looking for hidden treasure. Each geocache is different and will contain different items such as a log book for signing your name and date of find, small trade items of any kind and more.

Explore Pensacola GeoTour

Japan house at UWFVisit Pensacola recently launched the Explore Pensacola GeoTour that includes four different trails. The geotrails include a Coastal, Cultural, Historical and Western trail. You’ll explore on the beaches of Perdido Key and Pensacola Beach, downtown Pensacola and the beautiful University of West Florida (UWF) campus. Complete the tour and you’ll receive a beautiful Explore Pensacola coin.

Escambia County Geocaching Tour

If you would like to learn about various environmental restoration projects in the Pensacola Bay Area, then check out the Escambia County Geocaching Tour. On this tour you’ll discover a Pitcher Plant Prairie, project GreenShores, Big Escambia Creek Restoration Project and more. Some of our favorites on this tour will take you to Fillingim Landing and Tarklin Bayou.

DARC Geo-trail

downtown Pensacola geocachingOn the DARC Geo-trail you’ll have fun learning about Florida history. The trail is a project of the Florida Public Archaeology Network and the University of West Florida. On this trail you’ll discover ancient earthworks from Native American civilizations, Plantations, remnants of fortifications and the Antebellum industrial area.

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