Fort Pickens

Fort PickensThe week before tropical storm Ida, I was able to get a peaceful walk through the unpaved trail from Fort Battery to Fort Pickens to explore nature and take pictures. It is a short and easy walk of .7 miles one way. As I started off, I saw some beautiful flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and small birds as one might expect to see as well as a few things one might rather pass up.


As I neared the bridge in the middle of the trail, I saw a black snake. And, as I stood on the bridge a large turtle swam near and hung around for me to get pictures.

Logger Head

I walked off the trail and through the woods a little, but would recommend using caution. I ended up with small cactus plants in one of my hands as I took a picture of some flowers.

I met more people like myself out sight-seeing and/or  taking pictures. One guy from Ohio said he’s been coming out to Fort Pickens since the late 80’s as part of his vacation while his wife visits with her family. Volunteers on golf carts were also out now just to check up on things.

Tree at Fort Pickens

That afternoon, my kids and their friends came back out to enjoy the trail. We walked up to the bridge and spotted some ducks. Whenever the kids are with me, we come prepared with the kayak and food. After the trail exploration we headed over to the Gulf at Langdon Beach which is still within the gate of Fort Pickens. It’s always a great time when we can stay long enough to watch and photograph the beautiful sunset.

Sunset at Fort Pickens


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