New Fitness Onboard SUP


Have you been wanting to try stand up paddleboarding, but you’re not sure which board is right for you? Here is one worth consideration that comes with the stability and accessories for anything from fitness to fishing.

Fitness Onboard started in Gulf Breeze in September of 2010 and soon relocated to Little Sabine Bay across from Margaritaville Beach Hotel. Fitness Onboard had it’s first full season in 2011. Owner, Cindi Bonner soon saw a need for a custom-made board to enhance the fitness experience Fitness Onboard offers. Some of my favorite accessories are the anchor system, paddle clip, cup/water bottle holder, and dry storage for keys and phones.

I recently got to try out the new Fitness Onboard SUP with instructor, Locket Degraaf. We paddled to a shallow area on Little Sabine Bay and dropped our anchors for an hour of yogalates. This class combines yoga and pilates for both core and flexibility training with an emphasis on breathing during poses. With the new anchor system, the need to paddle to stay with your instructor is eliminated. You can simply relax and focus on your workout. The other bonuses with this new board are the higher stability which could allow participants of any fitness level to feel comfortable. Yet, the board isn’t too bulky to be used for a leisurely paddle with friends. Some of the benefits of fitness on these boards are that you are soaking up your daily vitamin D, you literally have water at your finger tips for cooling off and you have water storage for hydrating yourself.

There are more locations opening this summer including a retail store above The Fish House in Pensacola. This is great news for Pensacola residents who wish to have Fitness Onboard classes within closer proximity.

Get more information and purchase the new Fitness Onboard SUP here!

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