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Fishing Report – Coastal Alabama Waters

Adam Barker and his two boy's Noah and Kaleb with a nice Alabama redfish.
Adam Barker and his two boy's Noah and Kaleb with a nice Alabama Redfish.

Hello from the beautiful Gulf Coast. So far, the weather around here has been sketchy and you really have to pick and choose your days carefully. Lately, we have had some really howling winds and a ton of rain making the water very muddy and extremely high- not to mention the cold fronts that have been coming in. But, that hasn’t stopped the fish from biting everywhere.

There has been some good upper slot reds caught to the west of Dauphin Island, AL near Coffee Island. Most of them were caught on the west side of the Coffee island where the cut through in the middle of the island (about 30 feet wide) dumps out into a slight cove. And as always with this time of year, there are large numbers of fish being caught around Dixie Bar and Fort Morgan. Many of the fish have been caught on spinner baits and popping corks with a Bass Assassin Shrimp or a Berkley Gulp! Shrimp in the molt, natural, pearl colors, or anything with chartreuse in it. I like to have as much scent as possible on my lures, so I always add an attractant such as BioEdge Fishing Product’s Shrimp Potion or put some Trigger X attractant on the lure.

The speck bite has been hit or miss lately. As always during this time of year, fishing in the evenings when the dock lights are almost a must. There has been a decent bite around the south side of Ono Island, AL. Try to hit every dock that has a light on it. I would start by running up the south west end of the island. Start fishing when you get past the No Wake Zone. Look for deeper pockets and pot holes in the grass beds to hold decent fish. There are also some nice specks in the Theodoore Industrial Canal, just make sure you hit it when the tide is moving in or out, it doesn’t matter. There are some good flounder being caught right now in the same areas as the specks, so make sure you get your bait down close to the bottom.

Jacob and his mom with a nice 15.5 lbs flounder.
Jacob and his mom with a nice 15.5 lbs flounder.

Hopefully, the weather in November will be better than October around here. Hopefully the big bull reds will be coming in full force by then.

Tight lines,

Chris Williams


  1. I am guessing that our planned fly fishing trip to the Gulf is on the rocks for the rest of the year. Maybe fly fishing in Nebraska or Georgia would be a better fishing experience instead. Picking a good spot for fly fishing is my main certain. I hear they have clean water with plenty of fish.

  2. @Trout Fishing,

    Fly fishing this time of year here on the coast is fantastic. What are you looking to fish for?

  3. Recently my son found my first ever fishing pole that I had forgotten about for decades. I figure I got overly detoured as the years went by to take the time to relax by the lake and remember those early afternoons with gramps. I failed to understand it then but, there was a lot of wisdom shared in those mornings.