Fish Donations Needed

The Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida is asking for donations of fish. If you or someone you know fishes, our injured seabirds and eagles would appreciate you sharing. The Sanctuary is currently caring for five Bald Eagles and lots of injured pelicans and herons. The Sanctuary accepts fresh, frozen, whole or filleted fish seven days a week from 8 am to 5 pm, located at 105 North S Street near the old Gulf Power building. Our freezers are low and your donations would be great!

The Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization taking in over 3,000 injured and orphaned animals a year. All animals are given a thorough exam, fed a diet resembling the food that they would seek in the wild and are monitored to insure adjustment to temporary captivity. Release back into the wild is the primary goal. All donations are appreciated. A wish list is available on the web site. For more information call 850-433-9453 Ext 5.

Contact information:

Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida
Contact: Dorothy Kaufmann
1-850-433-9453 ext 5 or fax 1-850-438-6168

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