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Fillingim Landing Kayak, Canoe and Paddleboard Launch

fillingim landing

We recently discovered the Fillingim Landing Kayak launch on Perdido River. This is a very nice facility designed for launching kayaks, canoes and, in our case, paddleboards. The facility includes a launch, picnic tables, BBQ grills, hiking trails, and portable bathrooms. This facility is nicely maintained.

*Families with small children please use caution at this location. The beach area is on the other side of the river and there are currents. If you are looking for a place to swim with small children I recommend Blackwater River State Park or Krul Lake Recreation Area.

Fillingim Landing Map


Fillingim Landing Photos


Fillingim Landing Launch

Fillingim Landing Launch

Fillingim Landing

Fillingim Landing Hiking Trail

Fillingim Landing Picnic Area



  1. Looks like a great place to do a little paddleboarding. Are there many fallen trees in the water?

    • Hey Florida Blogger, it was a nice place. There weren’t many fallen trees at all. The ones that had fallen were not blocking anything.

  2. I was there 2 days after the official opening…checking it out…Have they done anything to improve the entry/driveway down to the landing since then? We drove a minivan down & the drive was horrific..very steep & cliff like – we went very slow & nearly bottomed our vehicle out.

    • It was a gravel/dirt road and was a bit bumpy. Not sure if it’s different from when they first opened.

  3. I recently went here the other day and it was a very good place for a family outing. I have grown up on rivers and this is very clean and organized. I like the fact that you are not even aloud to have alcoholic beverages in the car. I would not like my children around this as well as others wouldnt. I love the trails they are very unique. There is one thing that I wish could be added and that would be a rope or something that can be raised and lowered so the boats not catch it but we have trouble getting across with small children.

    • Hi thanks for the comment. It is a great place to get out and cool off. It would be nice if there was a way to get younger kids across to the beach.

  4. Does anyone know if /where there is access to the Alabama side of the river here [w/o]having to cross the river????

    • Hi LJ, you may check out the bridge on Barrineau Park Road that crosses into Alabama. Never been but I believe there is a place to launch kayaks. It’s just to the north of Fillingim Landing.

  5. I went there yesterday, and this is NOT a kid friendly spot. We had to assist strangers with several small children getting swept away in the currents. This is a spot for experienced river entry only. You must like very very cold water, river wildlife (poisonous snakes, turtles and lots of little fish)and know how to navigate swift currents, logs in the water and very rocky bottoms. If you are willing to risk the chance of coming here, you can have an enjoyable time. I hate to say it, but this is a tradegy waiting to happen.

    • Hi Lori, thanks for sharing your experience. I agree this is not a good location for families with small children as the beach is across the river. We have enjoyed swimming at this park but you do need to use caution. The original intent for this location was for launching kayaks. For families with small children I recommend Krul Lake Recreation Area or Blackwater River State Park.

  6. I plan on using this to kayak. Where do you get out at? How far is the trip? I noticed a comment above about alcohol. Is there a number for rules and more info, like an address to this place? Thanks so much

    • Hi Jessi, There are a few locations you can access Perdido River. One location up river from Fillingim Landing is the Barrineau Park Bridge. Down river from Fillingim Landing is The Pipes Landing. For mileage check out this map provided by the state of Florida. I’ve also marked those locations on a Google map. As for an address I don’t have a street number. Fillingim Landing is located on Jacks Branch Road (County Road 97).

  7. What is this places’ address?

  8. Jessi….this area is under the control of the Northwest Fl water mgnt district…spoke to their office a couple of mths ago [re:difficult access] but I tossed the phone number….the guy I spoke to said that they [NWFWM] had an agreement with Fish&Game Division to patrol the area to prevent issues with people not adhereing to regulations [which are posted at the landing] No alchohol on the property [not even in cars]& no motorized boat launching….this is for swimming & canoe & kayak launching….although I have yet to launch my kayak because access seems a bit difficult depending on water level & the fact that the only place to launch is from the swimming dock which is usually crowded with swimmers & sun bathers…..jmho of course.

  9. I have been going to Perdido River for 20 years. I have yet to see a poisonous snake in the water as one comment went. Snakes are cold-blooded. The water is very cold. Snakes need sunlight to regulate their body temputure. As for small children, anywhere you have water you must be careful. However, during the rainy months, of course the water height will fluctuate. As of September 2010, as it has not rained much recently, a few yards south of the landing, the water was not much over a foot deep for about 60% the width of the river. There is also no alchohol allowed,correct. However, people still bring it and consume it. Theres not much anyone can do except the men enjoying the river with their families if people become unruly. The sandbar side is Alabama. The closest sub-station would probably be Robertsdale,AL. So if you see things you dont agree with while you are there, say something about it. I do. I dont want anyone ruining the place for me or my family. I have spoken with several people from NWFWMD about the rules because i wanted to camp there. They encourage it. So i went, built a fire, camped, brought a small aluminum boat with a trolling motor, and fished. I left with everything i brought, including my trash. I also go once a week with my family just to pick-up other peoples trash. Yes (officially ) im not supposed to build a fire, ect… Yet the NWFWMD and the Game Warden know how to use discretion. Now, if your a teenager or young adult who think you want to get a group of friends together to drink and build a bonfire, i reccomend against it. One more thing. I like to kayak, but Fillingim Landing was never nor originally intended solely for kayaks and canoes. Oh you can also ride your horses on the trails also! Thanks.

  10. i want to put in at the Barrineau Park Bridge and paddle down to the take out that is just above the interstate and camp on a sandbar overnight. Do you think it is safe to leave a car overnight at these put in and take out pionts?

  11. Hey John, I’m not sure if it would be safe or not. I posted the question on our Facebook page but haven’t received any feedback.

  12. Thanks for responding. I’ve been digging around and found out that Alabama Forever Wild purchased two parcels of land on the Alabama side of the river. One parcel is around the bridge and the other is upstream several miles. It appears that there is access to the area upstream. I’m thinking I might put in up there and take out at Fillingin landing that is on the Florida side downstream from the bridge. I’m wondering how navigable the river is upstream from the bridge. I know log jams can be an issue. However, I don’t have a problem dragging over or around them. I spoke to the guy at adventures unlimited and he says he and others have worked to keep the river clear below the bridge all the way down to his place. I’m also curious if they will ticket a vehicle left overnight at the landing. The rules state day use only, but one guy that commented on your web page says that he was encouraged to camp there by the NWFWM. If that’s true then I would think it’s okay. I’m trying to contact them today. Any info you have would be appreciated.

    • Hi John, Thanks to the guys over at Pensacola Fishing Forum I got a little info for you. They advised against leaving a car at the bridge. It’s best if you can have someone drop you off and pick you back up.

      According to the forum this is what I found out about kayaking above the bridge:

      “It is beautiful above bridge for boating. Nothing but woods and wildlife. Was raised on this river and none prettier.”

      Here’s the thread on Pensacola Fishing Forum.

  13. Is it ok to bring a gas grill to cook on to Fillingim Landing? We are planning a gathering and didn’t think the stationary one down there would be big enough.


    • Hi Chrisy, I’m not sure. You will need to contact the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. They maintain that park. ~Shawn

  14. Hi Shawn:

    I have a hard time finding Fillingim Landing. My Google map shows it off US 29, turning left from County Rd 184 coming from Perdido Landfill. But no sign of this place.

    Do you have a map showing the location if I come from north from Blue Angel Pkwy?

    How long is the hiking trail from this landing? If it a loop trail?

    Thanks for your help.


  15. I am planning a kayak trip along the river and plan to put in at Fillingim Landing. There are a lot of sandbars along the river. I was curious: Can you just pop tent on any of these sandbars overnight? Or is that a fine waiting to happen?
    Also, the Landing is only for “daytime hours.” What is your recommendation about vehicles?

  16. Went to landing today, its not a great launch point for Kayaks, there is a large drop off between last landing and water. Unless the water is extremly low at this time. We may try iy anyway. Roy

    • Roy, the water level must be lower than normal. When we’ve been the platform went down to the water.