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Family Fun at Gibb’s Point

I find great enjoyment in going outdoors with my family. I get excited about driving around just to see what might be in store for my family and I. I especially love to explore nature with children. They look around and find things to collect.  A stick is never just a stick. A rock is never just a rock. They become new inventions with new names. The simplest of things become treasured possessions.

On the day we all went to explore a place called Gibb’s Point, it was a cool 60 degrees out. With the sun shining though, I knew it would feel warm while walking around exploring. We packed a cooler of snacks and drinks and loaded up the kayak for a day of adventure on the west side of Pensacola. We headed off to a place where some of the west side locals would call one of Pensacola’s best kept secrets for outdoor enjoyment.

Water’s Edge on the Bayou Grande at Gibb’s Point

The area known as Gibb’s Point is located on the Bayou Grande and includes water access for kayaking as well as over 3 miles in walking paths. We spent the first part of our visit walking the sidewalks. We took turns climbing a tree that was planted near the water’s edge. And, we met some of the locals who come to Gibb’s Point almost everyday to walk their dogs.

The Barefoot Adventurer

There are several benches for relaxing and watching the boats and kayaks out on the bayou. We took short, fun kayaking trips. Shawn took our son out first and then I kayaked with our daughter sitting on the front. We can see more from the water and also get some exercise.

One of the many benches along the walking path which overlooks the bayou
Gulf Coast explorers kayaking Bayou Grande

Before leaving, we took the kids to the playground. Even with all the outdoor exploring we do, there is a special joy our kids find in playing on playground equipment. The extra bonus with this playground area is that it includes a nice portable bathroom facility.

Gibb’s Point is a great place to spend an hour walking your dogs or rollerblading. Or, you could pack food and a kayak as we did and spend most of the day on a refreshing adventure near the water with a little picnic. When was the last time you’ve been out exploring with someone? If it’s been awhile, why not take time to go out, to look around and to find joy in the little things of nature and of each other.

Gibb’s Point is located on the Bayou Grande and includes water access for kayaking as well as over 3 miles in walking paths. We spent the first part of our visit walking the sidewalks.

Gibb's Point


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day exploring! I’m a big proponent of getting outdoors and exploring nature with my kids, too. I find that when I leave them to it, they always discover something wonderful – a great stick, new bug or a bird perched high in a tree. Happy adventuring!

  2. Thanks, Debi! Glad to hear you enjoy exploring with your kids too. Taking an adventure with children is quite an edifying experience!

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  4. I look forward to going to Gibbs Point. We have been in the area for years and have never heard of this beautiful location.