Early Morning Kayak Adventure

Upper Escambia Bay - Photo by Shawn Brown
Upper Escambia Bay - Photo by Shawn Brown

Are there things you would like to try but you are afraid or don’t think you have the time? Sometimes it’s good to set out into the unknown and discover what adventure awaits. The sun had yet to arise as I put my kayak into the bayou that chilly morning. I was a bit nervous because it was dark and cold and I hadn’t been this way before. I wanted to be out on the water to capture the sunrise on camera.

Early morning Sunrise from trip - Photo by Shawn Brown
Early morning Sunrise from trip - Photo by Shawn Brown

It’s certainly quiet and peaceful that time of morning on the water and maybe a bit eerie at the same time. I was excited though to step beyond everyday life to try something I’d never done before. I think it’s easy to come up with excuses about things deep down we’d really like to try. There can be many excuses: it’s too cold, too early, too meaningless. It’s time to stop making excuses about what we really want to try.

The adventure was well worth it as I paddled the maze of sea grass in upper Escambia Bay. It was so beautiful to see the sun rise through the sea grass and trees along the bayou. Getting sunrise pictures on a kayak is a bit challenging because of the low light. When there is low light it’s best to use a tripod and have no motion. Yet, I was able to get a few nice pictures.

After the sunrise, I was exploring the different pathways that weaved through that portion of the bay. I was startled by a sound of something large breaking the surface of the water. I was excited to discover I was not alone. A family of dolphins were swimming along. There is something frightful yet exciting about making these discoveries.

Upper Escambia Bay - photo by Shawn
Upper Escambia Bay - photo by Shawn

Being alone in the outdoors also provides a time to reflect upon life as well as time to plan and pray. I cherish those moments. On this particular day, I really felt the Father speaking to my heart about things. I went away encouraged and when I left I felt I’d been given a treasure.

Go explore! Go try something you may feel a bit nervous about but really desire to try. Do more than just think and talk about those adventures you would like to go on. Set out on your own adventures and feel free to share them.

I’d like to hear about your adventures soon.


  1. Shawn, “Early Morning Kayak Adventure” is so beautifully written I became inspired to overcome my own nervousness about kayaking while morning has yet broken. I’ve told myself many times I wish I had the ability to capture photos while kayaking to share my “discoveries” with others. Words cannot describe the absolute glory of experiencing the delights that abound while being at one with nature. How can you describe for example the sounds you hear when dolphins puff so closely to your kayak you want to hold your breath so as not to disturb their rhythm? It is difficult. YOUR story and photos are an inspiration for others to challenge themselves to get out of their everyday routine and seek to find their own miracles of nature. Kayaking is a wonderful (and a quiet, easy way) to explore, discover and meditate on the beauty of this great earth. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT TO ENCOURAGE US ALL SO WE MAY ALSO BE BLESSED.

  2. Thanks to beachnriver for getting me to this blog. I love to visit Lower Alabama and have trouble finding local blogs with visuals. Great site!

  3. Nicely written Shawn. Sounds like a good time. And reminds me why I used to like to hike. Now that my boys are starting to get a little older, perhaps I can share these experiences with them.

  4. Thanks! I think it’s doing things like that with the kids that they’ll remember.

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