Pensacola Guide To Camping

Day one Gulf Breeze Zoo and Navarre Beach Campground

Peacock at Gulf Breeze Zoo
Peacock at Gulf Breeze Zoo

Spring Break began and I got spit on! Yes, that’s correct. One of the llamas at the Gulf Breeze Zoo spit on me. Chewed food went splat all over my face and shirt. As you can imagine, it gave a good laugh to the family.

At the zoo, we enjoyed looking at the animals and feeding the ones we could feed. After lunch, we took the zoo train ride. The kids always like the train rides. On the ride you get to see monkeys, gorillas, hippos, different varieties of deer, and more.

Then, it was time to head to the campground and set up camp. At check in, we were greeted by one of Navarre Beach Campground’s friendly staff.

Camp site

After setting up camp we cooked some burgers outside on the Coleman stove…yummy! We didn’t quite have our camping supply list made as we packed, so a quick supply run to Walmart  was necessary and then it was pool time! The campground has a heated pool and hot tub. This was such a treat.

To top off the day we took our smores gear to the campground fire ring where a nice hot fire was waiting for us. We got to meet some folks at the campfire. That was a nice way to top off a new day.


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