Explore Pensacola Guide To Camping

Camping Tips for Moms

Fort Pickens Camp Ground
Fort Pickens Campground

Spring and fall on the Gulf Coast are the perfect times for family camping, but many women don’t enjoy it. Here are some tips for making camping something that even a mother could love. Just plan ahead. Bring whatever you’ll need to be comfortable.

If you are tent camping, make sure to have an air mattress that fills up easily or have cushioned mats for under sleeping bags. You’ll have more fun if you sleep well. Also, look at the sleeping bag temperature ratings when buying. Even if the rating says to 40 degrees, it’s good to bring an extra blanket.

  • Bring a two burner Coleman stove, so you can cook. It is much more relaxing to have warm, easy to make food and drinks on cool days. Pancakes or egg, potato, and sausage burritos are perfect for camping. Make food ahead of time that you only need to heat like chili. For snacks try baked oatmeal.
  • Camp in a designated campsite close to bathroom facilities with hot showers and outlets. Get a hot shower, put on some make-up and dry your hair. You don’t have to be dirty and greasy because you are camping; be clean and refreshed and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Gulf State Park Swimming Pool
    Gulf State Park Swimming Pool

    Start out camping at places with a pool like Navarre Beach Campground and Gulf State Park. Navarre Beach Campground also has a hot tub for cool evenings. Both of these facilities have the beach within walking distance as well as stores nearby in case you forget a few items.

  • Make a check list. Bring trash bags for easy clean up and use recyclable dishes if you don’t want to wash more than necessary. Many plastic cups and plates on the market are made from recycled materials and can be placed in containers for recycled items after use.
  • Many campgrounds have laundry rooms. Bring some quarters and dry wet clothes and towels.
  • Plan things to do. Go for a walk or a bike ride. Use a sling or backpack for young children. Read a book. Meet other campers with children. Visit interesting places near the campground.
  • Try something new. Never been fishing? Bring some poles.
  • Borrow items from friends. You don’t have to go purchase everything. Try to find people willing to loan out items.

Camping doesn’t need to be dirty and stressful. It could be a relaxing getaway to make s’mores with the kids and camp under the stars. You just don’t know what you may be missing.