Big Sabine Bay
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Big Sabine Bay on Pensacola Beach

I recently got word of a little known paddling destination on Pensacola Beach that enticed me to get out and do some exploring. I wasn’t disappointed.  Big Sabine Bay is a beautiful shallow bay located on the east side of Pensacola Beach.  This beautiful estuary is a great place to kayak and paddleboard. The landscape includes dunes, pine groves and salt marshes. The wildlife includes crabs, rays and other marine life.

During our paddle, we were excited to spot a Bald Eagle (see below in the photos). We paddled as close as we could before it flew off. In the water, we saw crabs scurry along the bottom and saw a few rays.

The area is so peaceful and a great place to enjoy a part of natural Florida. This section of Pensacola Beach is part of the UWF Dune Preserve. It also sits at the gate of the Gulf Island National Seashore.

Directions to Big Sabine Bay

The bay is located to the east of Pensacola Beach approximately two miles from Portofino. We parked just outside the gate to the National Seashore. If you are carrying boards or kayaks be prepared for a little walk. The walk is over flat sandy ground.

Photos of Big Sabine Bay

Big Sabine Bay
Big Sabine Bay – Eagle

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