Bagdad Mill Kayak Launch
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Bagdad Mill Site Kayak Launch

Paddling Pond Creek and Blackwater River

Bagdad Mill Site Kayak launch is located in Bagdad, Florida. The launch is part of Bagdad Mill Site Park. The launch gives you access to the natural beauty of the lower Blackwater River and Pond Creek. Exploring this section of Blackwater River, kayakers will enjoy the beauty of grasses, cypress, oaks, and longleaf pine trees. The launch is situated at the junction of Pond Creek and Blackwater River. This area is a beautiful location to kayak, giving you miles of kayaking opportunities.

Location of the Bagdad Mill Site Kayak Launch

The parking lot for the kayak launch is accessed from Cross Street rather than from Bagdad Mill Site Park.

Located at the Bagdad Mill Site Park in Bagdad, Florida. Parking area for the kayak launch is located off Cross Street.

Kayak Trip Ideas

  1. Paddle to downtown Milton
  2. Paddle to Carpenter Park – 2.4 miles / 4.8 miles round trip
  3. Paddle to Mayo Park (Pond Creek) – 2.7 miles / 5.4 miles round trip
  4. Paddle to the Old River canoe and kayak launch – 2 miles / 4 miles round trip

Kayak to or from the Old River Kayak Launch from the Bagdad Mill Site Park launch. The kayak trip is approximately 2 miles in one direction.

Kayak route from Mayo Park to Bagdad Mill Site Park. Route is 2.7 miles.

Kayak to or from Carpenter Park to the Bagdad Mill Site Park. Route is approximatly 2.24 miles.

6952 Cross St, Milton, FL 32583

Old River Trail, Milton, FL 32583

Mayo Park is located off Highway 90. Visit our Mayo Park page for more information.

5254 Munson Hwy, Milton, FL 32570

Photos of Bagdad Mill Site Kayak Launch

Maritime trail sign
Kayak Launch
Lindy Kayaking at Bagdad

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