Lindy on a WindSUP sail

Add A WindSUP Rig To Your Quiver

We’ve been using the AeroTech WindSUP for years for lessons and all-around windsurfing. It’s a perfect sail for anyone looking for something that’s quick to rig. This sail is perfect for summer sailing when the Seabreeze kicks in.

The sail has vertical battens which makes it easy to roll up the sail without ever taking it off the mast. I can have these rigs set up in a matter of minutes. Just hook the boom on, roll out the sail, give tension to downhaul and outhaul and you are ready to hit the water.

This rig is great for beginners or advanced sailors wanting something quick they can rig for their Kona One or Windsurfer LT. Purchase your WindSUP sail package here.

WindSUP Rig Packag

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