About Us

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Welcome to Outdoor Gulf Coast!

We are kayak and stand-up-paddle outfitters and your online recreation guide to the Florida/Alabama Gulf Coast.

Our aim is to help move you from just thinking about taking your friends and family members out for a nature adventure and into actually having a great time with them exploring the outdoors. Whether you’d like to try kayak fishing or a sup lesson and eco tour, we can help.

We will also give you first-hand and personal adventure experiences. Our favorite adventures have been everything from a simple day of surfing on Pensacola Beach with cownose rays, dolphins, and sea turtles to a sunset kayak trip in the bay. We’ve even attempted fly fishing on a local river from a stand-up-paddleboard. Our camping experiences are guaranteed to be memorable to our kids. We’re excited to share with you our next adventure and look forward to helping you with yours!

Life is short. Live with purpose.

Let’s Go Explore!

Shawn, Lindy, Sarah, and Sam