Winter Outdoor Experiences

Outdoors and winter are a great combination. Fresh air and cool water bring a new outlook to exploring the coast. Winter isn’t a time just to sit inside and wait for spring; it’s a time to go explore new places and reflect on goals for the coming year.

This December, we had a few guests who were ready to get outdoors. We had windsurfing lessons and rentals, and one family took a kayak trip to Deadman’s Island.

As you may have noticed,  we’ve spent some time updating the look of our website to a more functional magazine style. We’re stoked to bring you more inspo and useful tips this coming year. Grab your new adventure shoes and explore the outdoors with us!

Check out some photos from the last month at Outdoor Gulf Coast.

Kayaks at Woodland Park Family kayaking to Deadman's Island Windsurfing on Pensacola Beach

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