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50+ Ways to Have Free Outdoor Fun in Pensacola

If you want free outdoor experiences, you don’t have to go far in Pensacola. Pensacola is home to many adventures from the gulf to the forest to satisfy your longing for adventure.

Spending time outdoors can be an educational, relaxing, and fun memory-building experience for individuals and families. As I started writing this list, I realized there are many free, fun ways to get outdoors in Pensacola. This list of outdoor fun is only the beginning of what you will find in Pensacola. Enjoy the list, and make sure to let us know what your favorites are. 

Relax and Contemplate

View of Pensacola Beach

  1. Take a walk on the beach.
  2. Grab a book and a lawn chair and relax under the majestic oaks at Bayview Park.
  3. Brew some coffee and take it to Corinne Jones Park and write in a journal.
  4. Drive to Park East on Pensacola Beach and gaze at the stars.
  5. Relax on a park bench at your favorite downtown park.
  6. Watch the sunset from Palafox Pier.
  7. Grab a book from the public library and read outside.
  8. Visit Perdido River and listen to the water flowing by.
  9. Walk the Pensacola Beach boardwalk, and sit on the pier and reflect on life.
  10. Take your dog to the dog beach at Bayview Park and relax with a book.
  11. Sit and listen to the waves crashing on the shoreline at the beach.

Explore the Outdoors With Friends

Big Lagoon State Park

Big Lagoon State Park

  1. Walk on the nature walk at Shoreline Park.
  2. Sit on the pier at Shoreline Park.
  3. Kayak to Deadman’s Island.
  4. Go fishing on Pensacola Beach Pier (almost free).
  5. Kayak down the Blackwater River.
  6. Climb to the top of the observation tower at Big Lagoon State Park (Not completly free. The entry will cost about what you will pay for a cup of coffee).
  7. Ride the mountain bike trails at the University of West Florida.
  8. Go snorkeling at Park East.
  9. Ride Bikes in downtown Pensacola.
  10. Walkthrough Pensacola’s historic village.

Get Fit In The Great Outdoors

Shorline Park at Sunset

Shoreline Park at Sunset

  1. Play disc golf at Shoreline Park.
  2. Run the trails at the University of West Florida.
  3. Play tennis at Shoreline Park or Bayview Park.
  4. Walk on the sidewalk along River Road in Perdido Key.
  5. Go Surfing.
  6. Ride a bike on one of these bike routes in downtown Pensacola.
  7. Enjoy a trail and go for a hike. Use our trail finder to find a good hike.
  8. Walk your dog at Bayview Park.
  9. Hike, bike or run on one of these select trails.
  10. Kayak to Sunset Island in Perdido Key.
  11. Jog along the gulf between Portofino and Park east on a paved walking and biking trail.

Learn Something New

Arcadia Mill

Arcadia Mill

  1. Learn about the history of Pensacola walking the Colonial Archeology Trail.
  2. Discover Pensacola Maritime History on the Maritime Trail.
  3. Learn about those who gave their lives as you walk in the Veterans Memorial Park.
  4. Take a walk in nature and learn about the first and largest water-powered industrial complex at Arcadia Mill.
  5. Go paddle and learn about the ecological, natural, recreational, historical, maritime and cultural history of Milton and Bagdad on the Blackwater Maritime Heritage Trail.
  6. Walk to Fort George and learn about a fort built in 1778 for the protection of Pensacola, Florida.
  7. Learn about a grist mill and walk on a suspension bridge the kids will love at Krul Lake.
  8. Go on a bird walk.

Enjoy The Outdoors With Your Kids

Maritime Park

  1. Build a sandcastle at the beach
  2. Take a walk along the bay and play at the Maritime Park.
  3. Take a picnic and play at Perdido Kids Park.
  4. Walk the Pensacola Bayfront.
  5. Watch airplanes take off and land at Aviation Discovery Park.
  6. Walk and learn about history in downtown Pensacola.
  7. Have a picnic on the beach.
  8. Walk and play at Bayou Grande.
  9. Go for a swim at Morrison Springs.
  10. Let the kids play in the splash pad at Plaza de Luna.
  11. Play on a playground.
  12. Go geocaching.
  13. Cool off in the Perdido River, Blackwater River or Cold Water Creek.

Enjoy Nature

Flowers and Butterflies

  1. Visit a local park
  2. Take photos of nature. See this tips for capturing images of birds, flowing water, and more.
  3. Watch the moon while sitting on the beach.
  4. Take pictures of flowers and butterflies.
  5. Walk along Palafox Pier and look for dolphins.

What are your favorite ways to have free outdoor fun?

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