16 Must Do Adventures in 2016

Adventure. I like the sound of that word. It’s a call to something different and exciting. It takes us out of the ordinary and places us outside the norm. The team at Outdoor Gulf Coast wants to share with you 16 must do adventures in or near Pensacola in 2016.

1. Go Hiking at Big Lagoon State Park


2. Hike the Chain of Lakes Nature Trail

Chain of lakes

3. Hike or camp at Krul Lake

Krul lake

4. Go kayaking in Macavis Bayou

Old River Kayak Launch

5. Paddleboard to Deadman’s Island

Deadman's Island

6. Go Geocaching

Geocaching at UWF

7. Go Snorkeling

8. Learn to windsurf

Teaching this family to windsurf with @ecolindy #outdoors #windsurfing #nature #rfbf

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9. Bike the Blackwater Heritage Trail

Blackwater Heritage Trail

10. Explore Florida Caverns

Florida Caverns

11. Hike Juniper Creek Trail

Juniper Creek Trail

12. Go kayaking at Graham Creek Nature Preserve 

Graham Creek Nature Preserve

13. Go kayaking in Big Sabine Bay

Big Sabine Bay

14. Take a hike on the Breckenridge Trail

Brackenridge Trail

15. Hike to Tarkiln Bayou

Tarkiln Bayou

16. Take a walk on the Perdido Key Discovery Trail

Discovery Trail

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